Saturday, 31 December 2011

J is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

J is for ... JAY

The obvious choice. But what else could I have chosen ??

Jackdaw, Jaguar, Jackel and ..... ?

"The Haunt of the Jay"
William Giles (1872-1939)
see - asking price $3200.00 !
A good start. A classic British wood block print by one of the best. 

"Gray Jay"
by Betsy Bowen. Described as a full colour woodblock print.
Contemporary American artist specialising in hand cut and printed works, often published as limited edition books. See her website

Steller's Jay
Chandler O'Leary
contemporary American - See Etsy

"Hibiscus Mutabilis and Jay"
Utagawa Hiroshige (Japanese 1797-1858)

I need a few more for this posting -- any suggestions ??
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