Thursday, 29 December 2011

I is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

I is for ... Ibis

all the "I" animals are difficult - how many woodcut of Iguanas or Ibex have you seen. The easy choice would have been insects, too many of those, it would have been a bit of a cheat. Similarly, with species such as the Indian this or Indonesian that - so, I was left with the Ibis.

a pretty red example - see

Ibis are a group of about 30 species of birds, easily recognised by their long necks and large curving beaks. They come in all the colours of a rainbow and sizes from 5cm to 1m and are found all over the southern hemisphere. - With luck an artist some where has created a print which includes at least one !!

........... and straight to the southern hemisphere for my first choice.

By Leslie V Van Der Sluys (1939-2010)
He was an Australian artist who was born and studied in Melbourne. His works include hand coloured linocuts. Click HERE to see more works.

"Ibis (Pensive)" wood engraving 1933
Lionel Lindsay (1874-1961) Australian
Click HERE for more information.

"Flying Chinese Crested Ibis"
Hideaki Tatehori (Japanese b1956)

I did find an excellent artist blog by Sherrie York where you can follow the processes in creating a reduction linocut of these Ibises. - Click here to see more.
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