Friday, 23 December 2011

H is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

H is for ... Hare

other choices could have been - Hyena, Hippopotamus,  Horse, Hamster, Hedgehog, Heron, Hornet, Hummingbird or even Herring. I could not do Heron as I have already used Egret and I could not find many woodcuts of Hamsters !

With a little bit of searching, hopefully I will find plenty of Hares.

Allen W Seaby is good for a few hares - here are two different versions of the same composition.

Hare in Snow - Agnes Miller Parker
available as a greetings card

Sadly I am struggling to find any older Hares ?? 

.......... but quite a few by contemporary artists.

Andrew Haslen (born 1953). He specialises in nature studies including birds and many Hares and has even written a book called "The Winter Hare". These prints are linocut and watercolour and are published in small editions of 30. Other prints include screenprints in larger edition. He was elected a member of the Society of Wildlife Artist and has won many awards including; the R.S.N.C. 'Natural World' Art Award 1992 & 1997, the R.S.P.B. Art Award 1996 & 1999 and has been selected to exhibit at Birds in Art exhibition, Leigh Yawkey Art Museum, Wisconsin, USA. To buy these pictures - see his website -

Robert Gillmor - contemporary wildlife artist a grandson of A W Seaby. His print a currently being reproduced as greeting cards, which represent an affordable method of obtaining a his work. Or you try and find a copy of his book Cutting Away: The Linocuts of Robert Gillmor.


Some other modern printmakers

"Storm Hare"
Lino Print by Jeremy James - Link

Viz Arlington - Hare and Moon
a relief print sold by this American artist on

Kathleen Lindsley (born 1951)
based on the Isle of Skye - See her website to buy her work

"Hare and the moon " A Limited Edition Original Linocut Print from a very small edition of only 9 in red. Hand printed on BFK Rives printing paper and numbered, titled and handsigned in pencil by GIULIANA LAZZERINI. See her Etsy shop - click here
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