Monday, 19 December 2011

F is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

F is for ... Fox

It had to be foxes, as we were heading out early (5.30am) for a buying trip a Kempton Park Antiques Market; there he was sitting under a lamp-post watching us without a care in the world. Lovely animals, at least until they get into the neighbour's chicken run or rip open the rubbish sacks !!

So what woodblocks and linocut can we find featuring Foxes ?

I think we should start with a few traditional Japanese prints - some weird compositions here.

Dancing Fox
Ohara Koson  (1877-1945)

As for the Europeans

Allen William Seaby (1867-1953)

Agnes Miller Parker (1895-1980)
wood engraving

Allen Lewis
woodcut for book illustration

And finally to the USA

Henry Wolf (engraver) "A Fox Hunt"
wood engraving after an original by Wilmslow Homer (1836-1910), American

"Fox in the Sunflowers" - woodblock print
Beckie Prange
contemporary American - click here to view her work

Barry Moser (American b1940)
Click here to view his work

I am a little disappointed with my selection. All these are lovely images, especially the Seaby and "Fox in the Sunflowers". However, I was hoping for more - colourful European works. I think the foxes have been lost in the landscapes and not mentioned in either titles or descriptions and translation problems. - Please email with suggestions.
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