Thursday, 15 December 2011

E is for ... Animal Woodblock ABC

E is for ... Egret

Those lovely little white Herons that appear from time to time next to our streams and ponds.

This was an easy choice as these birds have been the subject of many great Japanese artist and a few europeans - I hope.

"Little Egret"
Nakamura Shundei (1904-66)
for sale at Ohmi Gallery

Ohara Koson (Shoson) (1877-1945)
many beautiful Egrets from this master. Above and the 4 below.

And for the move to Europe - Yoshijiro Urushibara (1889-1953)

..... and before you think it - yes he was Japanese. However, most of his best work was executed whilst in Britain, collaborating the Sir Frank Brangwyn and teaching the art of woodblock printing to; Walter J Phillips, John Platt and Allen William Seaby, All great names.

I am struggling with european artists. I know Robert Gillmor did an excellent linocut, "Little Egret" as it is illustrated in his book "Cutting Away" - but who else ?

Anne Lewis - contemporary British
See her website to buy her prints -

Little Egrets on Saltmarsh - Cley, Norfolk (3 colour linocut)
Max Angus - contemporary British
see his website -

And to America, with
Egrets c1910
Ethels Mars (1876-1956) - Provincetown
An American artist printmaker, born in Springfield, Illinois. She studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy before working as a book illustrator. Together her companion, Maud Squires, she moved to Paris c1906 and remained there until her death. There was a period during WW1 when she returned to the USA, working in Provincetown. She exhibited at the Paris Salon, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Society of Western Artist, Art Institute of Chicago and Provincetown Art Association.

And to Australia

Egrets - dated 1939
Etheleen Mary Palmer (1906-58)

I'm disappointed with this selection - really with the lack of old British and European examples. Surely some one was inspired by those Japanese woodblock to create their our version ?
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