Sunday, 27 November 2011

Quimper Pottery in Postcards

A follow on from the earlier posting "Massier in Vallauris", this time the French provincial country pottery of Quimper, illustrated in period postcard images. Firstly, can anyone confirm the correct pronunciation of Quimper ? is it "quim - per" or "kem - pair". Which ever version I say some expert corrects me to the other version.

I am sure most of you would have seen Quimper pottery around the antique fairs and centres, although you may not have known what what it was. The ware are easier to spot as so many of them where decorated with hand painted figures dressed in tradition Breton clothes. Like those worn by the potters and decorators in the cards below.

Quimper, is a town in the north west part of France the capital of the Finistere department of Brittany. It contribution to the world of art is the tin glazed faïence pottery made there since the late 17th century with a continuous documented history of production from 1707. The period of production that is popular with the modern collector starts from the 1870's through to the 1930's, which cover the traditional looking country pots and include some art deco inspired designs.

During this period there were 3 main factories - the Grande Maison De La Hubaudiere, Porquier and the Faiencerie D'Art Breton owned by Jules Henriot. The dating and attributions looks tobe a mine field and beyond my limited experience. For a better and fuller explanation of the histories involved, try

if you are looking to purchase Quimper Pottery, try

There are a few book on the subject that should help with detailed research.

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