Thursday, 8 September 2011

William Giles (1872-1939)

Another recent purchase -

Something a little bit different, at least for me. I have not really considered looking for ex libris bookplates and from the numbered listed on ebay, I can only assume that there must be considerable interest in collecting them. 

The bright colours of the one caught my eye hanging on the wall of a shop that I had not been in for years. Only the day before I had been looking at a blog posting about this artist. At the time I was struck by his use of colour in his very modern looking prints. So I bought it !

It was only after I got home and read the label that I realised that they was more to the story. Typical of me not to read the back of a picture. I just thought the prawn was just a motif used by the artist, not that the whole design formed a pictogram - shrimp before a town - Shrimpton and therefore A M Shrimpton. Ada M Shrimpton (1858-1925) was also an artist and married to William Giles.
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