Saturday, 17 September 2011

Kitzbuhel - Borg - Mystery

This is a bit of a call for help.

I bought this picture on eBay from the UK listed as a wood block print of Kitzbühel signed Borg ?? I think I talked myself into buying this as I thought it might be a "sleeper" and worth a small risk. I only half heartedly believed I would win it and only left a small bid. YES, I did win. I paid and it arrived beautifully packed with a £2.00 coin included to refund the over payment for the postage. Sometimes, very rarely do you need to leave better than 5*****'s as feedback.


A very striking image of the Tyrolean town of Kitzbuhel in the winter with a seemingly giant peasant woman in the foreground. A familiar style ?? Yes; I knew I had seen it somewhere, but who ?? Herbert Gurschner (1901-1975)

You can see how easy it was to mix these two images up - very similar composition. Only a few minor problems. Firstly mine is not a woodblock print, not even a linocut but a stencil or pochoir and secondly the signature aren't the same. Does this mean two artists or one artist with two signatures ? Perhaps my Borg is copying Herberts popular style.

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