Wednesday, 10 August 2011

V is for Veazey

To continue my alphabet of British Arts and Crafts metalware - V is for David Veazey,

Metalwork designer, including for Liberty & Co. It is recorded that they made a silver caddy spoon designed by Veazey as the winning design  in a competition organised by Liberty through 'The Studio' magazine in 1899. It was produced both in silver and, later in pewter, with the shape number 049C.

His work regularly appeared in such publications as "The Studio" and won several prizes for his design. In their 1900 competition he won first prize for a silver tea caddy design and in the 1903 competition he won 3 guineas for the design of a silver casket. He had entered as Tramp with an address of 27 Rectory Place, Woolwich.

Best remembered for his "For Old Times Sake" designs made by Liberty & Co, London. Which was typical of his design which tended to be very organic with stems growing into the vessel held up by the leaves. Often accompanied by a poetic quote such "Gather Roses While Ye May Old Time Is Fast A Flying" as on the bowl shown below.

His designs are often signed "Tramp". I can't find any detailed biographical information - perhaps some out there know ??

Internet references; - Scanned image and text by George P. Landow

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