Wednesday, 10 August 2011

T is for Traquair

To continue my alphabet of British Arts and Crafts metalware - T is for Phoebe Anna Ramsay Traquair (1852 – 1936)

Pheobe was an Irish artist who born and trained in Dublin but lived and worked in Edinburgh. She applied her talents to many media including; painting, murals, embroidery, enamel, book illustration and designing silver and jewellery decorated with painted enamels. Signed "PRT" I really can't do justice to the subject in such a short posting.

Her contribution to the art metalwork of the arts and crafts period are her hand painted enamel miniatures often mounted as jewellery or within larger scale items such as boxes or devotional triptychs. Many of her subjects have religious connections. Christ, Saints and angels are common motifs.

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