Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Rudolf Köhl (1896-1966)

This posting had previously been published as  "Today's mystery print - Köhne - Linolschnitt" asking for help identifying the linocut shown below, which is annotated "origin linolschnitt handdruck" and signed in pencil "Köhne" ?? At least that is how I read the signature.

Another one of those Austrian/German prints that has found it's way to us in the UK. Sadly during it's journey the artist has become a mystery. I have run the usual google searches but have found nothing similiar. There was an Ida Köhne (1907-2005), but this does not look like her style.

Thanks to The Linosaurus ( who suggested the signature should read as Köhl. He clearly knows his subject as the signature does read Köhl and relates the Austrian graphic artist Rudolf Köhl (1896-1966).

There is some biographical information to be found but his lasting legacy seems to be the numerous books that he illustrated. Rudolf was born in Vienna in 1896 the son of Joseph , an architect and builder. He servied in the army during WW1 on both the Eastern and Western fronts and as a prisoner. After, in 1919 he began an apprenticeship in graphic design at the School of Applied Art in Vienna.

I assume he successfully completed his study as he went to work as a commercial designer, illustrating books, posters, brochures, company stationary and product design. He also; must have found time to create the linocut and ex libris plates illustrated here. Perhaps outside his normal commercial duties.

Here is a book illustrated by Rudolf and a plate from another publication. The "ex libris" plate below is signed in pencil just like my original linocut. - Mystery solved. 

And another coloured picture. 

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