Sunday, 7 August 2011

P is for Perry

To continue my alphabet of British Arts and Crafts metalware - P is for Richard Perry, Sons and Co. A Wolverhampton base firm of metalworkers and japaners. The origins of the firm are a bit vague but what is certain is that Richard Perry came from a family associated with metal working and especially the japaners.

See and try for yourself to work out all the family connections.

For the purposes of my alphabet; Richard Perry, Son and Co are one of very few manufacturers of "signed" designs by Dr Christopher Dresser. They manufactured the "Kordofan" candlestick which usually bears a registered design mark and "Dr Dressers Design" which dates to 1883.

They made several other Dresser designs including other candlesticks, watering cans, coal boxes and washing sets. Often in coloured tinplate and brass. For more information try Christopher Dresser by Harry Lyons.


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