Monday, 1 August 2011

Mystery Print #4

I bought this at the weekend whilst out and about searching for stock. I saw this and loved the image with the children, a very commercial subject. It came in it's original frame and under glass. Although I thought it was a woodblock print, there was  the possibility that it was just a book plate. This combined with the fact that I did not recognise the monogram meant that I was taking a small risk. I loved it, so I bought it anyway !!

I was almost certain it was an original woodblock print, that brushed colours were the clue, but you never can be sure, I have opened these up only to find a page number and printed words or even worse a calender !! I was not disappointed this time, as you can see from the picture below it has been printed on a fine paper and laid down on card. I was hoping a pencil signature was hiding under the mount or some other notes that would help with attribution. No such luck.

Which brings me to the problem ? who was the artist and when was it created ? Any ideas. Does anyone recognise the monogram of M within a box or the style. The pictures below are the framers label and an address found on the backing board. Note that there is not a telephone number, which suggests and early date. It is tiny only 8cm by 8cm.

Click on pictures to enlarge. 

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