Saturday, 11 June 2011

W Wonall - Glastonbury Tor

Here are two recent purchases. Bought together and assumed by the same artist. One is titled Glastonbury Tor and signed W Wonall whilst the other is unsigned. Both are very strong images although quite simple in technique, probably woodblock.

My problem is - who is or was W Wonall.

At the time of purchase my reaction was that these were relatively recent, maybe 1970's or even newer, good bright colours and fairly clean paper. The vendor's opinion was that they were 1930's mainly based on a couple of foxing spots and very slight mount shadow mark. This method is never that reliable I have had 1980's prints covered with spots and mount marks.

No references in the usual texts - so a bit of googling was required. Any hits ?? A few but not too many, I did find out where the dealer had bought them in 2009 ! perhaps he gave up looking after 2 years.

The main reference was to the University of Victoria Art Collections. Yes, they have one !! Their version was described as "Block print or aquatint representing the tor at Glastonbury. The tor is faint and in the central background. Trees and bushes are in the foreground. Use of five shades of blue suggest the cool atmosphere of early morning or early evening." It had been purchased new in 1927 by Katherine Maltwood from Butleigh Court for £12/5/0. That was a vast amount in 1927 and can't be correct. 

At least we have a date. However, no biographical details are listed. So if any reader can help then please leave a comment and remember to become a follower to keep up with developments.

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