Tuesday, 7 June 2011

It's a Hoot

Spot the difference and name the factory ?

and finally

Effectively the same owl but different makers.
Top - Harris Farnham, Surrey
Then - Bourne Denby, Derbyshire
Then - mystery
Last - C H Brannam, Devon

Was there an itinerent potter travelling around the country making owl pottery everywhere he went ?? did they copy each other or is this the only way to depict an owl. In terms of date I would suggest that the Farnham and Brannam are similar c1915/20 with the Denby the younger c1930/35.

I bought the middle one recently, which prompted this posting. All are similar sizes and proportions, similar scratched decoration and goggle eyes. The brown glaze is similar to that found on Denby Byngo Dogs (above) c1930 and it is made from a similar coarse buff coloured stoneware. Not finished a finely as Denby but better than Farnham or Brannam. Cost when new ? 1/6.

I'm going for an early Denby owl - any comments ?
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