Sunday, 5 June 2011

A is for Ashtead Potters

"A" is an easy one for me and I didn't need to struggle.

Ashtead Potters were a semi-charitable firm operating in Ashtead, near Epsom, Surrey from 1923 until 1935. They produced domestic and artistic pottery often to designs by leading artists of the day, such as Pheobe Stabler, Alan Wyon, Reid Dick, Percy Metcalfe and E H Shepard (Pooh Bear) series.

This is the "Corn Girl" or "Reaper" designed by Alan Wyon

For more pictures and information on the Ashtead Potters

There was a book written about the history of the pottery Ashtead Potters Ltd. in Surrey,1923-35, but this is now difficult to find.

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