Friday, 3 June 2011

Gyula Sajó - Art Printmaker

I stumbled across this artist at a local auction, who seemed to be clearing the remnants of the artist's studio. The sale included many works, mainly still life oils and some printed works. It was the one below that caught my eye. Buy first research later - luckily for me these were not valued highly - perhaps they should have been.

I think this was titled "In the Wind" numbered 2/50, signed and dated 1976. Not sure on the technique, a bit of wood engraving (the black) over block printed back ground colours. The effect was delightful and the new owners loved it.

Lucky that the auctioneers knew who the artist was because without any clues I'm not sure that I would have been able to track him down. So, who was Gyula Sajo ??

Gyula Sajo (1918 - 1989) was a Hungarian born artist who worked in Worthing, Sussex, England. Having studied art and architecture in Budapest, the political climate forced him to moved to Austria then back to Hungary and then England as a Refugee. He was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and established the local Atelier Group. Works by him can be found in the collections of The British Museum, Ashmoleon Museum and Brighton and Hove Art Gallery.

The Market Cross, Chichester - wood engraving/cut

At the time a bought these information on the net was limited, I now find that there is an entire facebook entry for him - see and that there is currently an exhibition being held - see
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