Friday, 10 June 2011

Frank Martin - Variations

There currently seems to be a lot of interest in the prints of Frank Martin. I can see from the statistics of this blog that my first posting on his Hollywood subject is my second favourite post after Devonware pottery !! I will give the prize to Frank as the most popular single subject posting.

Two recent acquisitions highlight the diffierences in his publised prints. His impressive and enormous work titled "Fontaine" was published in a edition of 8 !! a tiny numbered, especially when you consider the complexity of the picture.

Each image is made from 4 different plates each separated by a raised area like you would see at the edge of a normal etching. In addition it is hand coloured and as you can see some were also coloured differently. Possibly each was virtually unique - perhaps this explains the low number - too time consuming.

Another variation I had not considered was the question of clothing !! Yes, strangely some of the published editions have more clothes than proofs !! Here are our two versions of Glenda Farnell. The one one the left is titled 1st State i/vi whilst the other is from the published edition of 40. Now she is wearing a natty pair of shorts and a little bit more make up. If there was a 3rd state I guess she would be fully clothed and ready to party !

And here are two version of Ida Lupino

See for our current stock of pictures by Frank Martin. We are also looking to buy pictures and prints by this artist.

For more pictures of his work, try his books;
Shadowland, Pictures from a Silent Screen, Woodcuts & Drypoints
Frank Martin: Hollywood - Continental

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