Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Scottish Painted Pottery

As a result of the research for my posting on Agnes Bain Herbert I was reminded of the beauty of some of these wares. (some are crude as well). What happens next! yes, I find this small coffee cup decorated by another Scottish artist, Elizabeth Mary Watt,

This has prompted me to go back though my picture archive and introduce you to a few names that may be unfamiliar.

Identifying some of these is tricky as many of the artist decorated bought on blanks, often German, so mis-attribution can be common.

Elizabeth Mary Watt

Bough Pottery

Mary A Ramsey


Agnes Bain Herbert

May Wilson

There are many more artist and decorator that fall within this area of collecting. Sadly I don't have any pictures for you. Other names include; Jessie Marion King, Mary Fairgrieve, William Miles Johnston, Anne Macbeth, Mak'Merry and Zoo Ware. I will probably return to this subject with more information and details of signatures to look out for.

Artist Dates Location MarksLink
Blank, Lady Eva 
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Bough Pottery

Printed Bough Click Here
Fairgrieve, Mary

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Herbert, Agnes Bains 1875-1956
Monogram Click Here
Johnstone, William Miles

Monogram, Zoo Click Here
King, Jessie Marion

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MacBeth, Anne

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Ramsey, Mary
Strathyre Cat and/or Name Click Here
Watson, Dolly

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Watts, Elizabeth Mary

EMW monogram Click Here
Wilson, May

MW monogram Click Here

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Zoo Click Here

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To confuse us even more, there are hundreds of hobby decorators, as painting china was a popular pastime in the 1950's and the present day.

Mystery Monograms - Help Required
Artist Dates Location MarksLink

EMD                           c1926                                                             Click Here

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