Sunday, 29 May 2011

Liberty and Co

There is very little I can say about the range of designer items commissioned, made or sold by Liberty's that has not already been written about, blogged or published. They sold quality designer item across the whole range of interior design. They retailed  wallpapers, fabric, furniture, lighting and the ornaments to compliment, whole range for the designer look.

Liberty is heavily associated with the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau styles but the Art Deco and Post War design items should not be ignored. This is a vast subject, too large for a single posting. For now I will limited myself to the metalware sold during the 1900 to 1930 period, including Tudric and Cymric ranges of pewter and silver. They employed well respected artists and designer, amongst which are Archibald Knox, Oliver Baker, Jessie Marion King, Rex Silver, Mary Watts, Bernard Cuzner and Fleetwood Varley.

The most commonly encountered Liberty metal ware is the Tudric range of pewter and the most popular designs are the celtic inspired patterns created by the Manx artist Archibald Knox. Here are just a few examples.

 The Tudric range was made for a surprisingly long time, from as early as  1902 right through until the early 1930's. Although by the end the designs were rather plain reflecting the art deco tastes of the period.

 As you can imagine the number of marks used was large. Each design/shape having it's own stamped number and most items had some other marks from as simple as "English Pewter" to the Full stamped picture of a trumpeter. Here are a few variants;

I never did get to the silver - perhaps another posting sometime. To see whether I have any Tudric in stock, click on the metalware tab at the top. Other dealers that will have Liberty items include; Titus Omega, So Nouveau and Morgan Strickland.

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