Friday, 6 May 2011

Barbara Bonner - Linocut

What is it about these printmakers, especially linocut and woodblock artists. They create beautiful works of art then vanish without a trace. Here is another, Barbara Bonner. I bought this print some years ago completely blind and very cheaply on ABE books, described as you see it; linocut, barge and boatmen, so worth a go.

It is one of those few occassion when a mail order purchase is infinitely better than expectations. This was a real gem, lots of movement, curved perspective and multi layered colour. Very Grosvenor School. Not quite Claude Flight, Cyril Power or Sybil Andrews but still all very accomplished. It is clearly signed in pencil and dated '38 and numbered 1/50. Perhaps it was the only one ?? After failed research I sold and it sold very quickly. However, I still do not know who Barbara Bonner was - so here we try again to track and trace.

Sadly there are no leads on this at all. No references on the internet that I can find that would fit with a 1930's date. There are many references to a Barbara Bonner being a close friend of Elvis !! probably not a help. 

Any ideas ? Any comments?

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