Saturday, 14 May 2011

George L Butcher - Blackheath

Another antiques mystery for you solve. I have had this vase for quite a few years now and although bought as stock it never got further than my sitting room. It looks great next a very special piece of Ashtead Potters.

It is a beautifully painted item of art pottery decorated in an iznic style with underglaze colours. I thought I had found a piece of Wiliam De Morgan when I first saw it and it also reminded me of Burmantoft Anglo Persian designs.

But who made it and what is it's history.

Clearly signed on the underside; George L Butcher Blackheath 9.08, which I assume is September 1908. Before you suggest a 2008 date, I bought it before then !

I have also posted this my other blog where I post mystery items.
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