Thursday, 28 April 2011

Auguste Lepère (1849-1918)

Just a short post today.

Here, I have an interesting single block, black on white woodcut of trees. At first I failed to to appreciate this work of art and was about to discard it. ( not really, but consign it to the lower value bin). It has a bit of a Monet impressionist plein air feel to it. You know the ones of the poplar trees.

It had come to me with a group of works which include some fine prints, so perhaps this is more interesting ? First problem ? which artist ?


Signed with a squiggle in pencil and monogrammed LA ? No, after a bit googling and head scratching the monogram became AL and the signature A Lepere and so to; Auguste Lepère (1849-1918).

He is accepted as being amoungst the finest French wood engravers. Lepère was born in Paris and the age of thirteen, he began his artistic education in the Paris studio of the engraver, Smeeton. Lepere went on to teach Lucien Pissaro and Pierre Gusman the art of wood engraving. His woodcuts and wood engravings tend to be from late in his career. They are often printed on the light weight Japan papers, rarely seen on French prints of this period. In total his graphic oeuvre consists of over 150 etchings, over two hundred wood engravings and 14 lithographs

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