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Maurice Delannoy (1885-1972)

We have now returned from the Antiques for Everyone antiques fair and can now continue with the postings.

Here I return to medal engravers with this art deco swimming medal signed by M Delannoy. This work is heavily influence by the moderne style that was popular in France during the 1920's. What we would now call "art deco" or "jazz age". Clean bold design interpretations of figures, nature and classical references. Have look at medals4trade website for more examples. 

Their are several sites detailing his exhibition record and prizes won, although I think something has been lost in translation. So what follows is my best effort.

Maurice Delannoy (1885-1972) was a French sculptor and medalist working in the art deco style designing coins and medals. He studied at the Ecole de Germain Pilon and studied under Charles Valton (1851-1918) and Jules Roine Edward. Later in his life he was a professor of drawing. 

He exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français before being imprisoned during WW1 and was awarded a "mention" in 1921, bronze in 1923 and a silver medal in 1926. Diplômes d'honneur aux expositions de 1925 & 1937. He was awarded the Medal d' Honneur in 1936 and made a Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur in 1947.

There is an example by him in the Victoria and Albert Museum collection.

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His designs were so highly regarded by "La Monnaie De Paris" (Paris Mint) that they were chosen for a series of postcards illustrating their product - It would be an interesting posting to try and trace all these cards and illustrate them with the real medal !!!

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