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Wedgwood - designers

 I seem to be going through a Wedgwood phase at the moment so I thought I should include a few more noted designers associated with Wedgwood. Here are brief summaries of their careers and a few more pictures of their art pottery. This posting is an introduction to the artist and should lead you to more research.

Eric Ravilous designed Boat Race bowl.

Designers and Decorators.
Edward Bawden (1903 - 89)
Artist, illustrator and designer. He was born in Essex and studied at the Cambridge School of Art and the Royal College of Art. He was appointed an official War artist during WW2 and was a friend of Eric Ravilous.Exhibited widely and was commissioned with Eric Ravilious and Charles Mahoney to paint murals in Morley College. He designed for Wedgwood from 1946 including New Zealand Line china and in 1952 Orient Line tableware.

Alan Best (1910 - 2001)
Zoological expert and sculptor; born in Chicago and later the curator of the Zoo Museum in Vancouver. Noted as one of the first people to breed King Penguins in captivity !!
He designed 6 figures for Wedgwood; The Boxer, The Rugby Player, The Sprinter, The Weight Thrower, Mandarin Duck and a Panther.

Louis Richard Garbe (1876 -1957)
Sculptor, carver and modeller. He was born in Dalston and was a pupil at the Central School of Arts and Crafts when it opened in 1896. In 1929 he was appointed Professor of Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. He worked with Doulton between 1933 and 1939 where he designed a pottery group titled “Spirit of the Wind” produced in a limited edition of 50.
He moved to Barleston in 1940 and asked to supply designs for Wedgwood. Three were put into production in 1941; The Syren, Cupid Vase and Boy on Shell.  He also designed furniture and was assisted Gertrude Garbe and retired to live in Essex.

Robert Goodden (b1909)
He was a trained architect, silversmith and from 1946 the Professor of Silversmithing and Jewellery at the Royal College of Art. He was associated with Wedgwood having redesign the London showrooms. He also design the mug to commemorate their 200th anniversary in 1959 and the Silver Grill service commissioned by P&O for the first class restaurant on the SS Oriana.

Kathleen H M Goodwin (1902 - 1976)
Artist and modeller who had trained at the Burslem and Stoke Schools of Art. She won a Royal Society of Art bronze medal in 1923 for a model titled Will o'wisp. This was later reproduced by Wedgwood in bone china and led 8 further figures.

Richard Gerald Talbot Guyatt (1914 - 2007)
He was a graphic artist, designer and from 1948 the Professor of Graphic design at the Royal College of Artand later Rector of the Royal College of Art. He worked on poster design in the 1930's including for Shell and BP. He was associated with Wedgwood where he designed their stand at the British Industries Exhibition and during the periods 1952-5 and 1967-70 he was a consultant designer with his work including a series of commemorative tankards and the "Oranges and Lemons" jug and beaker set for Liberty & Co.

Clare Veronica Hope Leighton (1898 - 1989)
She was a distinguished artist, wood engraver and stained glass designer. born in London, she trained at Brighton School of Art, Slade and Central School of Art. She had moved to America in 1939, when in 1951 she was commissioned by Wedgwood to design a series of "Industries" including; Marble Quarrying, Ice Cutting, Whaling, Lobstering, Grist milling, Cranberrying, Logging, Farming, Ship building, Sugaring, Cod fishing and tobacco growing. Another series of designs of Taft School were completed.
She exhibited widely including; Royal Academy 1 work, Glasgow Institute 3, Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers 37, New English Art Club 12, Royal Hibernian Academy 4 and Royal Scottish Academy 3.

Earnest William Light

He was a sculptor, modeller and instructed at the Hanley School of Art and Stoke School of Art. He was commissioned in 1913 by Wedgwood to design a series of animal and bird figures. He also design for Royal Doulton from 1914.

Doris Lexey Margaret Lindne
r (1896 - 1979)
She studied at St Martin's School of Art and at the British Academy School in Rome. She was a freelance designer ad modeller working for Royal Worcester, Minton and Wedgwood. She exhibited at least once at the Royal Academy c1927.

Arnold Machin
(1911 - 1999)
He was a sculptor and designer. Who whilst being apprenticed at Minton was studying modelling at Stoke School of Art under Eric Owen and he later studied at Derby School of Art after a brief period of work at Royal Crown Derby. In 1937 won a scholarship to study at the Royal College of Art under Richard Garbe. From c1940 he was working from 5 Stamford Bridge Studios in London and exhibited at least 1 work at the Royal Academy, later in 1940 he was appointed as full time modeller for Wedgwood. He designed Taurus the Bull and Ferdinand the Bull.
He is best remembered for his designs for the new decimal coinage in the 1960's and postage stamp design. He was awarded an OBE in 1964 for this work.

Keith Day Pearce Murray
(1892 - 1881) 
see separate posting 

Eric Olsen
(1903 - ??)
Eric Olsen was born in Norway in 1903. He studied at the Oslo School of Art, St. Martin's School of Art, London and at the faience studio at Sèvres. He worked at Wedgwood as a designer and modeller in 1931 and at Spode from 1932. Where he had his own studio where he experimented with glazes and clays. Some of the Olsen pieces were beautifully thrown and in the style of studio pottery. Stunning glazes were used on these one-off items.
He is best remembered for a range of animal figures. Glazed in either their matt green Royal Jade c1932 - 1938 or a cream coloured Velamour c1932 - 1940 and c1953- 1969 .He also designed the Toby Jugs of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt and a statuette of Churchill leaving No. 10 Downing Street modelled after a photograph.
In 1936 he was selected as a National Register Designer by the English Board of Trade and in 1937 an exhibition of his studio type wares in London was opened by the Queen of Norway. In 1942 Olsen left Copeland's to join the Norwegian Quartermaster General where he was a camouflage expert.
After World War II he emigrated to the United States where he became chief designer at Haeger Potteries in Illinois from 1947 until 1972.

Maria Z Petrie
She was a teacher who designed a figure of a reclining nude for Wedgwood in 1934.

Alfred Hoare Powell (1865 - 1960)
He was a trained architect, designer and ceramic artist who studied at the Slade. Up to c1892 he was working in the offices of
J D Sedding where he formed a friendship with Ernest Gimson. From 1901 he was living in Gloucestershire and as part of the Cotswold Group he was associated with Gimson and the Barnsley Brothers.
From c1903 his designs were being produced by Wedgwood, specialising in hand painted designs influenced by the arts and crafts movement. Many of these wares were exhibited including at the Grafton Galleries in 1906. So well received were these that in 1907 a Wedgwood and Powell studio was established at 20 red Lion Square in Bloomsbury, London. Here he was assisted by his wife Louise. The association with Wedgwood continued until his death.

Ada Louise Powell (nee Lessore) (1882 -1956)
She was a painter, designer and ceramic artist and married to Alfred Powell. She was from a French family of artists and trained at the Central School of Art where she was taught calligraphy and illumination from Edward Johnston and Sidney Cotterell.

Eric Ravilious
(1903 - 44)

He was an artist and designer, who was born in London and trained at the Eastbourne School of Art and the Royal College of Art. In 1940 he was appointed an official war artist, recording naval aspects of the war. He was killed in 1942 whilst flying with Coastal Command  near Iceland.
He designed ceramics for E Brain (Foley), A J Wilkinson and Wedgwood. He is predominantly remembered for designs commissioned by Wedgwood between 1936 and 1940 although many of the designs were not issued until the 1950's due to War restrictions.
The designs include; 1937 Coronation mugs for Edward VIII and George VI, Afternoon Tea, Alphabet Series,  Christmas Pudding, Garden, Garden Implements, Persephone, Travel, Boat Race cup and bowl, the Barleston mug and the Four Continents bowl. The Coronation mug and Persephone were adapted for the 1953 coronation. As an artist he exhibited at the Leicester Art Gallery, Redfern Gallery and Arthur Tooth & Son Gallery.

John Rattenbury Skeaping
(1901 - 1980)

He was the son of painter Kenneth Skeaping and married to the sculptress Barbara Hepworth.  He studied at Blackheath School of Art, Goldsmith's College, Central School of Art under Richard Garbe and the Royal Academy Schools and was taught to carve marble by Barbara Hepworth.  In 1924 he won the Prix de Rome. His work concentrated on animal subject especially connected to horse racing. He was Professor of Sculpture at the Royal Academy and was appointed a Royal Academician in 1959.
In 1926 he was paid £100 by Wedgwood  to model a series of animals. Fourteen models were completed and ten were put into production from 1927 and continued in production for a long period. These models are; Duiker standing, Duiker seated, Fallow Deer, Polar Bear, Tiger and Buck, Monkeys, Bison, Sea Lion, Kangaroo and Buffalo. Four other not put into production are Deer with head turned, Deer with straight back, two deer and a group of deer.

Victor George Skellern
(1909-66) Art Director 1934 - 1965

He had joined the design department in 1923 at the same time as studying at the Burslem and Hanley School of Art under Gordon Forsyth. He also won a scholarship to study stained glass at the Royal College of Art where he worked under Edward Bawden.
He returned to Wedgwood in 1934 as Art Director a post he held until retirement in 1965. He introduced many new designs and developed new bodies and glazes and was instrumental in commissioning freelance designers such as Bawden and Ravilious.

Millicent Taplin
(1902 - 1980)

She joined Wedgwood in 1917 whilst still studying part time at Stoke School of Art followed by further study at Burslem School of Art. She was trained in hand painting with instruction by Alfred Powell. Due to the success of the Powell's hand painted designs, Wedgwood decided to open a small handcraft studio in 1926; Millicent was put in charge with her work including the painting of the Persian and Rhodian patterns.
Later she was involved in the training of new painter and from 1928 she was given more independence to design new pattern. She was also involved in teaching at local schools of art and continued to work for  Wedgwood until her retirement in 1965.
Her work is often signed with a T over M monogram.

Montague A Weaver-Bridgeman

A Canadian who worked at Wedgwood for 2 years from 1924. He modelled several figures including John Jorrocks, Long John Silver, Sitting Squaw, Harlequin and Columbine.

Laurence Whistler
(1912 - 2000)

Designs for Wedgwood include;  Outlines of Grandeur and the Dolphin services.
He was an artist and glass engraver, brother of Rex Whistler and first president of the Guild of Glass Engravers.

Rex John Whistler
(1905 - 44)
 A series of his engravings were used by Wedgwood for the Clovelly series. Some of his drawings were reproduced by Cole & Son on wallpaper.

Painter, illustrator and designer. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art and the Slade. He illustrated over 75 books and was commissioned to paint murals in the Tate Gallery in 1926/7. As an artist he exhibited widely including Leicester Art Gallery 4 works, Beau Art Gallery 6, Barbizon House 2, Goupil Gallery 4, Walker Gallery Liverpool 1, New English Art Club 1, Royal Academy 3 and Arthur Tooth & Son 1.

Norman Wilson
 - see separate posting

Anna Katrina Zinkeizen
(1906 - 1976)

She was commissioned by Wedgwood to design 3 plaque; Sun & Wind, Adam and Eve. The later two winning a silver medal at the 1924 Paris Exhibition.
She was an artist , sculptor and illustrator. Born in Scotland into a family of artists she studied at the Royal Academy Schools from 1921. She exhibited widely including; Royal Academy 24 works, Glasgow Institute 3, Walker Gallery 12, Royal Society of Portrait Painters 13 and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters 30. She worked both as painter and as book illustrator. Her painting of plastic surgeon Sir Archibald Hector McIndoe is exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery.
In 1935 Anna Zinkeisen and her Doris were commissioned by the Clyde shipbuilders John Brown and Co to paint the murals in the Verandah Grill on the famous ocean liner, RMS Queen Mary. During World War II the sisters were both employed as war artists for the North West Europe Commission of the Joint War Organisation of the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St John.

Other designers who have had some connection to Wedgwood include; Joan Pyman, J Lawson Peacey, Agatha Walker
Veronese Ware                           Keith Murray

Veronese Ware


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