Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Montieres - Faience D'Amiens

Here an interesting item of art pottery. I spotted this amongst a group of terracotta Devon Motto Ware items in an antiques centre. It just jumped out as some thing a little different. I was delighted to see that it was marked Montieres, a French maker that I have seen for sale around the markets and brocantes in France. Normally seen with vast price tags. But who were they ? I will try to enlighten all but I think some details are lost in translation.

Based in and named after the town of MONTIÈRES-LES-AMIENS in the Picardy region of northern France. This established pottery was taken over by Désiré Borck and in c1917 Jean Barol and Francois Sicard moved there from the Cannes firm BACS to establish the Montieres studio producing fine metallic lustre glazed art pottery. Barol only stayed a few years and in 1920 he returned to Cannes. He had been trained by the Massier family and was a master of the lustre glaze. Other artists working at the studio included Guy Arnoux and Geno.

During the following period c1920 until it closure in 1933, Montieres produced some very fine and interesting art pottery taking design influence from eastern art as well as the then popular cubism and jazz age style.

Jean Barol (1873-1966) was a ceramist/potter from Golfe-Juan who had studied at the Massier family pottery from a young age. During his study he mastered the art of lustre glazes.  In 1911 with three other artists from the factory--Marius Alexandre, Jean Carle, and François Sicard he established BACS in Cannes. The BACS name being formed from the initals of the founders. Barol was the glaze artist, Alexandre the painter, Carle the decorator, and Sicard the potter. 

BACS perfected a technique for applying high-fired enamel "cloisonné" decoration to metallic lustre-glazed vessels. The firm also became known for their enamel-glazed impressionist style landscape painting fired on to ceramics. In 1917 Barol left BACS along with Sicard to work at Montieres. Barol returned to work at BACS from 1920 until 1927.  Then he continued as a potter in Vallauris until his death.

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