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Eric Slater (1896-1963) - Printmaker

 Over the years I have bought and sold a few coloured wood block prints signed Eric Slater. They are mainly views on the south coast and a few floral studies. But I can't find any biographical details about his life, where he trained or the extent of his out put. The published dates for him are questionable as he is often taken to be the same man as the Eric Slater who designed for Wileman Shelley. So here we go with what I believe to be correct

Eric Slater was a Sussex based artist    living in Seaford and Winchelsea. He specialist in wood block printing often of Sussex landscapes such as the Jack & Jill windmills and the Seven Sisters cliffs.

His best known work The Stackyard was published in 1938 by the Woodcut Society of Kansas and presented in a folder with an introduction by Campbell Dodgson. Seen regularly on US dealer website with large asking prices.

He exhibited between 1928 and 1937 at
Beaux Arts Gallery 5 works
Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts 12
Walker gallery, Liverpool 4

His work is usually signed and titled in pencil and no edition size.

These are lovely images usually created without the use of key lines to tie the blocks of colour together. It is surprising that so little is known about him. 

I have noticed in the last few months that their prices at auction have shot up. So much so that images covered with foxing and staining are making noticeably more than versions that I have sold that have clean bright images in new gallery frames. This may be caused by just a few new buyers and could easily return to a more affordable range of prices.

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His work can be found in several public collections including; Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand.

"Rough Sea"

 PLEASE NOTE - that this not the same artist that designed patterns for Wileman/Shelley. This is information has come direct from Eric "Shelley" Slater's daughter Louise Blackwall nee Slater. So as the both Eric's have a published date of birth as 1896, I can't be 100% sure on which is correct.

MORE INFORMATION - at last thorough research has been completed about this artist and now has his own website and book. See my latest posting on the subject - CLICK HERE

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