Monday, 31 January 2011

Norman Wilson & Wedgwood

Whilst checking the information for my Keith Murray posting I was reminded of the influence of Norman Wilson on Wedgwood art ceramics in the 20th century. For some reason he is almost a forgotten man whilst Murray is well known.

Norman Wilson 1902-1985;
was from a potteries family with his father owning a china factory in Fenton. He was educated at Ellesmere College and after study at the North Staffordshire Technical College he found himself running the family firm. He briefly emigrated to Canada before returning to work for Wedgwood. He specialised in the development of new special glazes, clay bodies and kilns. Gradually rising to the position of joint managing director in 1961. 

He was an experimenter and developed many unique glazes such as adventrine and hares fur. His experimental work is usually marked with an impressed NW monogram.

nternet references include;

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