Thursday, 2 December 2010

Wortley Fireclay Co - Art Pottery

It has been a little difficult tracking down detail of the company. There was a brick manufacturer based in Wortley, Yorkshire.  This company was establised by William Ingham in 1825 with his sons, Robert, Henry and Frederic joining him later.  The firm extracted coal, ironstone and fireclay from its property at Wortley.  The fireclay site alone covered 7 acres and employed 400-500 people.  The company manufactured fireclay products that included 'firebricks, blast and other furnace lumps'.  After 1889 they formed part of Leeds Fireclay Co Ltd.

Geological Survey's "Special Reports on the Mineral Resources of Great Britain - Vol XIV - Refractory Materials: Fireclays" published in 1920. Records the Leeds Fireclay Company Ltd of Wortley including Joseph Cliff and Sons, Burmatofts Co, Edward Brook and sons, Oates and Green Ltd, W Ingham and Sons, Wortley Fireclay Co and Joseph Brooke and Sons.

At some point glazed art pottery was produced and the impressed number on this example would suggest a sizeable range. This example has a nicely  thrown ribbed form with shiny veined turquoise glaze. Impressed marks on the underside "WORTLEY" together with a number 206. I have made an assumption that this brick maker is the same Wortley as this pot.

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