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Monart, Vasart & Strathearn Glass

I will try a brief introduction to these Scottish glass manufacturers and follow up later with examples of the glass.
Monart Glass
The North British Glass Works was founded in 1865 by John Moncrieff, making industrial and specialist glass items becoming John Moncrieff Ltd in 1905. In 1924 they diversified with the introduction of an art glass range marketed as Monart Glass. It has been generally accepted that the name having been derived from MONcreiff and YsART with a few suggesting MONcrieff ART glass. 

The Ysart's were a family of Spanish glass blower who had been employed c1921. Initially the father Salvador (1878-1955) and eldest son Paul (1904-91) were hired with the other sons joining latter; Antoine (1911-42) Augustine (1905-56) and Vincent (1909-71). Salvador Ysart had previously worked in France at Schneider and from c1915 in Edinburgh.

Many of the Monart shapes were designed by Isobel Moncreiff the wife of John Moncrieff junior. She designed over 300 shapes from 1924 - 1933.  Although production of Monart was always a very minor part of the glassworks output it was a success and was retailed by leading shops such as Liberty and Tiffany. 

Production continued until 1939 and resumed after the war on a smaller scale under the direction of Paul Ysart with production finally ending in 1961.

Marks -
Largely unmarked except for export items to America, which had the etched mark "Monart Glass Made in Scotland" 

Paper Labels -

  • 1924 - 25 Monart Ware in the centre with Moncreiff's around the edge

  • 1925 - 30 Monart Ware in the centre with Moncreiff's Scotland around the edge

  • 1930 - 61 Monart Glass in centre with Moncreiff Scotland around the edge

Shape codes also help dating with size codes (Roman numerals) before shape codes (letters) followed by pattern code (numbers) being pre war whilst post war the shape is first followed by size, as above.

Vasart Bros
This glassworks was set up in 1946 by Vincent, Augustine and Salvador Ysart in Perth producing similar art glass to that made at Monart. Much of their output was mould  blown with a degree of hand finishing. They used much finer enamel colours than used at Monart, which were supplied by the ceramic industry supplier Wenger. This allowed a far more even colours.

In 1956 they formed an association with Perilli Glass and produced glass ashtrays for the Teachers Distillery. This led to Teacher's becoming majority shareholder in 1964. By 1965 an new glass works had been built at Crieff and at this time their name was changed to Strathearn Glass.

Marks -

  • 1947 - 52 acid etched
    script VASART
Labels -

  • 1952 - 56 printed VASART

  • 1956 - 64 Vasart/Glass/Handmade
    in Scotland

Strathearn Glass
They produced a very similar range to that at Vasart. Vincent Ysart retired in  1967 with coloured glass production ceasing in the late 1970s. By 1980 they had been taken over by Stuart Glass and renamed Stuart Strathearn Ltd.

  •  impressed leaping Salmon
    on the underside.
I have tried to be as concise as possible and this blog is only ment as an introduction to Ysart Glass. For more information try the Ysart Glass book or visit the website

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