Thursday, 25 November 2010

Ashtead Potters 1923-36

 For my first posting I will stay on safe ground and introduce you to one of my favourite art potteries; Ashtead Potters. They were a small pottery based in Ashtead near Epsom in Surrey. It was founded by Sir and Lady Weaver as a semi charitable company to employ disabled ex servicemen from the First World War. They started in 1923 but had closed by 1936.

For such a small firm based away from the pottery heartlands of the midlands they produced an endless variety of tea, dinner and decorative wares. Virtually all were hand decorated and many of the vases and jugs were hand thrown. 

They marked all the products, usually with the factory mark, shape number, glaze codes and pattern, all the information modern collector love. Their factory mark of an oak tree on a hill is easy to recognize, a typical mark is shown on the left.

Their figures are particularly sort after and include example by designer such as Pheobe Stabler, Allen Wyon, Percy Metcalf, Donald Gilbert and Sir Reid Dick. Here are a few of the 100 plus models.

I will return to this subject time and time again but this all for now.

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